How to set up Activation Lock on iOS devices iPhone, iPad, iPod

8734562With the release of iOS 7, Apple added a security mechanism called Activation Lock. This new feature comes in response to the growing number of mobile device thefts that are documented yearly by police crime statistics in major cities.

Activation Lock works in conjunction with your Apple ID and the iCloud setting Find My iPhone to effectively tie iOS devices to your iCloud account. This allows users to map the location of the device by using the built-in GPS and Wi-Fi radios, and it also prevents the device from being activated by any account — other than the Apple ID used to initially setup the service — even if the device is restored to factory settings.

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Set up Activation Lock on iOS devices

Here are the requirements for setting up Activation Lock:

  • Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch (iOS 7+)
  • Wi-Fi or cellular Internet access
  • Apple ID *
  • iCloud account *

* Note: Both the Apple ID and iCloud account can be created directly from any iOS device. It can also be created during the initial setup process for new devices.